Our Story

Wholesome, nutritious food that fuels you for your day shouldn’t be a luxury. Nor should eating well be reserved for those with lots of time and money. Just because you want to eat fast – and affordably – you shouldn’t have to choose inexpensive and processed over fresh and flavourful. With the way the world’s food system is set up, it’s a real challenge to eat healthfully. We sought out to change all that.

Fork and Salad was founded by people who believe restaurant meals can be better: healthier, more sustainable, more nutritious, fresh and delicious. Healthy food is our passion, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.





Fork and Salad is about passion.  The passion to create a better life through the healthy choices we make every day. Choosing to eat with purpose. Choosing to build welcoming, inclusive spaces and communities. Choosing to treat our planet with care.

At Fork and Salad, these every-day principles are aligned with everything we do.

Inspire healthier living

We’re passionate about your health and enjoyment.

Ignite a movement

Healthy living feels even better when we do it together.

Cultivate close connections

We know our suppliers. We want you to know them too.

Honour the future

Practice sustainability. For your body and the planet.

Fuel change

A great meal will change your day. Healthy food will change your life.

Be pure

Serve honest, unprocessed food. Never waiver.

Take a hint from mother nature

Keep it pure. Keep it real.


Our Founder

Joel Hector


Joel Hector didn’t start out as a restaurateur – in 2012, Joel was a successful real estate developer and a family man with two children. Joel was also 100 lbs overweight. He tried diets and exercise but nothing seemed to curb the weight gain. When day-to-day tasks like commuting became a challenge, he realized the need for a radical change.

That same year, Joel attended Pritikin Longevity Centre in Miami, Florida, where for the first time ever he realized how powerful proper nutrition is and its effects on one’s health and well-being. Eating balanced, healthy and nutritious meals filled him up and fuelled him, and kept him satisfied and energized. It was a life-changing revelation and one that helped him shed 104 pounds in 6 months.

Joel’s incredible journey didn’t involve any fad diets or quick fixes; just hard work, healthy living and nutritious choices. He started Fork and Salad to help empower other people, and give them the tools to live healthfully.