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Fuel for Life

Healthy, fast-casual food options.

Busy schedules shouldn’t dictate your diet. At Fork and Salad, our chefs and nutritionists have paired up to bring you fresh, filling, and nutritionally balanced meals that fuel you for whatever life throws your way. Empower yourself by making healthy, sustainable choices that are as good for you as they are for the planet.

Looking for healthy fast casual food options? Choose from our ever-changing seasonal salads; crowd-pleasing signatures; or make your own. And don’t forget about our breakfast bowls, tasty soups, snacks and drinks – yes, they’re all dietician-approved too.

Check out what’s in season.

Seasonal Salads

 Vegan = Vegan     Contains Gluten = Contains Gluten

Classics in the making.


Vegan = Vegan     Contains Gluten = Contains Gluten

Unleash your inner salad artist.


Bases (Choose up to 2)

shredded kale

chopped iceberg



chopped romaine

baby spinach

wild rice

quinoa & farro Contains Gluten

All bases are vegan vegan.
All bases are gluten-free except for quinoa & farro.

Ingredients (Choose up to 4)

spicy quinoa


toasted almonds


shredded cabbage



spicy broccoli

raw beets

toasted sesame seeds


red peppers


black beans


roasted sweet potatoes

raw corn

spicy sunflower seeds

fresh lime squeeze

fresh lemon squeeze

red onion

hemp hearts


tortilla chips


bee pollen

pita chips Contains Gluten

dried cranberries

carmelized onions


All ingredients are vegan except for tortilla chips, pita chips, and bee pollen.
All ingredients are gluten-free except for pita chips.


goat cheese

white cheddar

shaved parmesan

parmesan crisp


hard boiled egg

avocado Vegan

hummus Vegan

strawberries vegan 

roasted brussels sprouts

kalamata olives

candied pecans

roasted chicken

citrus shrimp

roasted sesame tofu Vegan Contains Gluten

roasted portobello mushrooms

baked falafel Vegan Contains Gluten

roasted turkey

All premiums marked with a Vegan are vegan.
All premiums are gluten-free except for roasted sesame tofu and baked falafel.


balsamic vinaigrette

miso sesame ginger vinaigrette Contains Gluten

spicy cashew

pesto vinaigrette


lime cilantro jalapeno vinaigrette

carrot chili vinaigrette

garden herb ranch

creamy parmesan and herb


balsamic vinegar

extra virgin olive oil

maple vinaigrette 

cranberry vinaigrette  

red wine vinaigrette

All dressings are vegan except caesar, creamy parmesan and herb, tzatziki, garden herb ranch and orange honey vinaigrette.
All dressings are gluten-free except for miso sesame ginger vinaigrette.

Vegan = Vegan     Contains Gluten = Contains Gluten      = Seasonal

A bowl full of goodness.


Our soups are not only healthy, they’re also hearty. They are made in-store daily with fresh vegetables, and are available in 16oz and 32oz.

Mornings made better. Even Mondays.

Breakfast Bowls

Start your day off right with our 16 oz Acai Breakfast Bowls. Our bowls are made fresh each morning with the ingredients we have on hand or that are in season. Choose the base for your bowl and then three of our essential toppings.

Fuel up and quench your thirst.

Snacks and Beverages

Looking for a sweet treat or a thirst quenching beverage without the guilt? Choose from an assortment of fresh assorted fruit and healthy snacks delivered daily. Our 16oz. drinks are made in-house each day and available as iced teas or sparkling frescas. We also have an assortment of sparkling and still water available in 500ml bottles.